For God so loved the world by Pastor Ed Young

God doesn’t. If he is in our lives, we should not show favoritism either. We need to treat people the way the Bible says to treat them. The Bible says we have never met a person who does not matter to God.

If we are going to do that, the Scripture is our standard, [...]

Pure and simple by Pastor Ed Young

The last line in verse 13 says, “Mercy triumphs over judgment.” I like that.

Hope we are tracking now. One more time, do life from the inside out, upside down, right side up. So if we say, “God, I am ready to do this. I am ready to make this decision.” What happens? What [...]

A God thing by Pastor Ed Young

Ed Young

He gives us the desires to do what God requires and we can do that. That’s true in every realm of the Christian life. It’s a God thing. We must acquiesce to him. We must defer to him. We must follow his leadings and follow his word. Once we do that, we [...]

A nature walk of worship with God by Pastor Ed Young

Well, I hope this message has made you keenly aware of your 110 hours of worship. God has placed a lot of stuff in your path and mine to point us to worship. What is the take home? Let me share two quick bank shots with you. Number one. Make sure that you regularly [...]

The Second Coming by Pastor Ed Young

The Rapture means that those of us who are in Christ, those of us who still are living on this planet will be raptured to heaven one day. We will meet the Lord in the clouds. And people who are left behind will try to explain it. In fact there is an entire series [...]

Consequences by Pastor Ed Young

And sure enough, Joab figured everything out and the troops backed off and Uriah was killed. Uriah is history now. David thinks, “Okay, man, I’ve gotten away with it.”

But he knew down deep he knew in his heart of hearts that Joab knew. But Joab was his General. Surely he wouldn’t confront David. [...]

Anger is a gift from God by Pastor Ed Young

My father, though, became angry at me and he banded me for life from the ping pong table. He said, “You’ll never play again!” But this past Christmas I did buy my kids a ping pong table and guess who showed up last week at my house? My brother! And we went upstairs and [...]

Our relationship with God by Pastor Ed Young

It seems like it’s the American thing to do to be in debt, doesn’t it? I’m American, I’m in debt, and that’s cool. That’s just the way it is. It’s great to be in debt. If you’re not in debt, it’s like you’re abnormal. People are like, “What? You’re not in debt and you [...]

Believe in God by Pastor Ed Young

You know, one thing led to another along the way with the alcohol and some of the drugs. I mean, it got into heavier drugs and heavier drugs and I was a cocaine addict. Eventually, that type of lifestyle destroyed my marriage. My wife and two kids left and I went, about for the [...]

Greed by Pastor Ed Young

Greed. When greed starts off it is pretty fun, “I will acquire that. I will buy that. I will get that.” And it gives us fast temporary relief from the aches and pains of life, “I can buy that, and acquire that, and have that, and I collect all of the toys,” but after [...]